Android 12 will feature an update to the emoji collection


Fonts and emoji in the Android operating system are stored in a protected system directory and their update is now possible only when you update the system itself. This is quite inconvenient, because the manufacturers often delay sending updates, unlike the company Unicode Consortium, which regularly updates the emoji collection once a year.

However, in the new Android, in all likelihood, the section with fonts and smiles will be separated from the system data and will be located along with the usual data. This will make it possible to update the information without waiting for the release of major updates to the operating system.
Enthusiasts have long found in the open source Android attempts to separate the system information and emoji, it was not clear only when the changes will take effect. Now it is known that all this will be reflected in the new Android 12. Only the system process will be allowed access to the files for security reasons, but this will not prevent applications to display emoji.

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