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Hi all,

today is a very special day, a good day. I will release my free addmefast bot Chrome extension for people reading my blog. I will ask not to share it anywhere on the internet, I am releasing this addmefast bot exclusively for my readers/subscribers. Please be careful with this, otherwise this may get patched and blocked and won’t work anymore in the future. Also, I took the time to create a video and post it on my YouTube channel to show you how this bot works, you will find this video below.



What is a website where you can earn points by following other users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other social medias by liking their

pictures, videos, and posts on social networks. Once you collect your points, you can use those points to get likes and followers on your own Social profiles and pages.

You will earn 15 points for following someone on Instagram, and you can pay those 15 points to someone else so you can get 1 new Instagram follower on your profile.

You can get a lot of followers and likes using this AMF bot.

How does this bot work?

I will show you the best way to get thousands of Instagram followers, thousands of Facebook likes, or thousands of Twitter retweets.

You can accomplish all that installing the extension to your Chrome browser, but first don’t forget to put your Chrome Browser in “Developer Mode”

Once you set Developer Mode on Chrome, you can proceed to import the Bot folder and activating the Bot,


What if Addmefast bans me for using a bot?

This bot will protect you from the ban because it’s made with the Anti Bot-ban technology, and you are 100% safe. As long as you don’t abuse the tool and run it simulating a legit social media user.


Bot Features:addmefast bot

  • Instagram Like
  • Instagram Follow
  • Facebook Post Like
  • Facebook Like
  • Twitter Follow
  • Twitter Like
  • YT Subscribe
  • YT Like
  • Soundcloud Follow
  • Soundcloud Like






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