Fortnite Season 6: How to make and improve weapons; all resources and recipes

Charlie INTEL Fortnite Season 6 weapon crafting guide
We bring you a guide on how to create weapons in Fortnite Season 6. Find out how crafting works and what resources you need to make recipes and improve your improvised weapons.
 Charlie INTEL Fortnite Season 6 weapon crafting guide

In Season 6: Instincts of Fortnite: Battle Royale of Chapter 2, the players can take advantage of a new system of manufacture of objects or crafting . This is done during the games themselves using resources and loot to build or upgrade our team. If you have come this far because you do not know how this mechanic works or you want to know all the available recipes , then keep reading because we explain it to you in great detail in this entry of our complete guide .

How to make and improve weapons in Fortnite Season 6?

With the start of Season 6, Fortnite has included a new manufacturing system that is associated with the theme of this season of the game and that is similar to what is already known in titles of the survival genre. This crafting mechanic is accessed from the game itself, from your inventory menu .

  • To be able to create objects: open the inventory menu during a game.
  • Next to the inventory tab: you have another tab called “Manufacturing”.
  • In this menu you will find: the crafting recipes that you can make at any given moment according to the object you have equipped at that moment.
  • Important, remember that: the creation of an object always takes a few seconds of time in which you will be exposed (be careful with lurking enemies, it is preferable to manufacture while under cover).

A quick way to see if any of our items can be crafted is to look at the little yellowish hammer icon that appears above the equipped item. If you see this hammer you will know that the object is craftable , on the other hand if it does not have it, it means that it is not used for any recipe.

Basically the manufacturing system added in Fortnite is a way to improve our weapons to a higher version . The most basic that you are going to find out there will be of the improvised or primitive category , but with a little skill they can end up being really powerful. Obviously, remember that you won’t be able to craft anything if you still don’t have the necessary resources for it (each object will tell you which ones you need).

What are the manufacturing resources and how to get them?

As we have said, to craft objects you will need resources and ingredients of all kinds that you first need to collect during the game, steal from another player or even buy the NPC characters. These are the main materials that are available in Season 6 of Fortnite and their sources of obtaining :

  • Meat: obtained by hunting animals that are all over the island (such as wild boars or wolves).
  • Animal Bones: Obtained by hunting animals throughout the island (such as wild boars or wolves).
  • Mechanical Parts – Can be collected by destroying mechanical objects such as vehicles.
  • Stinky Vesicle – comes from fetid creatures.
  • Luminescent Jar: Can be obtained by collecting fireflies in the woods.
  • Gas can: they are scattered around different locations.
  • Fetid fish: a bow requires this fish that you can fish all over the island with the rods.

Types of wild animals

One of the simplest and most common resources among many weapons are animal bones, which are obtained by hunting the new wild creatures of Season 6. These are the following:

  • Wild boars: they are found in many places in meadows and forests.
  • Wolves: found in wooded and mountainous areas.
  • Chickens: You will find them in wooded and farm areas.
  • Frogs: They are often found jumping near areas of water and lagoons.

The animals are quite abundant and are everywhere, more often they appear in unnamed locations (since the areas with names are more populated), so they will not be very difficult to find in the wild. But there is not the thing …

Sometimes some weapons (especially the most powerful ones) can also be created or improved if you combine other weapons in their manufacture, such as grenades, for example. Just remember that to create what you want you always need to have the resources in your possession at the time of crafting (so distribute your inventory wisely).

Fortnite Season 6: All Crafting and Crafting Recipes

Here we show you all the crafting recipes available in Fortnite Season 6. Here you will see what objects / weapons you can create and improve and what resources you will need.


  • Primitive Pistol: Makeshift Revolver + Animal Bones x4.
  • Revolver: makeshift revolver + mechanical parts x4.

Assault rifles

  • Primitive Rifle: Improvised Rifle + Animal Bones x4.
  • Assault Rifle: Improvised Rifle + Mechanical Parts x4.


  • Primitive Shotgun: Makeshift Shotgun + Animal Bones x4.
  • Pump Shotgun: Makeshift Shotgun + Mechanical Parts x4.

Submachine guns

  • Primitive Submachine Gun: Improvised Submachine Gun + Animal Bones x4.
  • Submachine Gun: Improvised Submachine Gun + Mechanical Parts x4.


  • Primitive Firebow: Primitive Bow + Luminescent Jar x1 or Gas Can x1.
  • Primal Stink Bow: Primal Bow + Stinky Vesicle x1 or Stink Fish x3.
  • Mechanical Bow: Primitive Bow + Mechanical Parts x4.
  • Mechanical explosive bow : mechanical bow + hand grenades x6.
  • Mechanical Shock Bow : Mechanical Bow + Shock Grenades x2.


  • Hunter Cloak : Animal Bones x2 + Meat x1 (prevents animals from following you).

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