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ps3 to pc convert
ps3 to pc guide
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Turn your PS3 into a PC TODAY by adding Linux. If your are interested you are in the right place just keep reading!!

I’ve just made this guide, an easy and instant way for YOU or anyone else to literally transform your PS3 into a real PC by instantly adding Yellow Dog Linux and even Ubuntu Linux versions. I’m not referring to the way that your PS3 looks on the outside, but rather the way that it actually performs.

Which Linux is Best for PS3?

There are six Linux operating systems that are compatible with the PS3, but YellowDog Linux was specially built for the PS3 and it’s the most compatible Linux Operating system for the PS3. The other Linux OS like Ubuntu, Fodera, Kubuntu can also be installed but my personal recommendation is YellowDog and Ubuntu.

yellow dog Yellow Dog Linux is specially customized for the PS3 and was released for only PS3 users. YDL has over 2200 programs and accessories that will give you the ultimate experience of a Desktop PC.




Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It

contains all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.

fedora logo
Fedora is not a good option for the PS3 right now as it doesn’t have the required optimization and runs slower than Ubuntu and YDl.

edubuntu-logoEdubuntu – is packaged for education so that is the concentration I guess ( I haven’t tried it so I cant offer any useful comments on that)

logo-KubuntuKubuntu – uses KDE which looks closer to windows in terms of default color and menu apps. It also offers more options to configure your programs and Desktop.

xbuntu logoXubuntu uses XFCE which is good for older computers, computers with limited resources in terms of ram or storage but is also good on new computer if you want a lean system.


 transform your PS3 into a real PC

PS3 Magic  is a brand new incredible software program that I’ve made myself that has helped tens of thousands of people to instantly download multiple versions of Linux onto their Playstation 3 in record time. The best part is that it’s so simple that a 10 year old child could easily do it. I’ve made it easy for your guys.

There are many benefits of running Linux on your computer.

Linux operating system will allow you to play Movies, MP3, PC applications, development tools, Internet programs, web browsers – most applications that are found in usual Desktop PCs.

Use your Play Station like a PC, with a keyboard and mouse. Not all PC programs will run on the PS3.

Here’s just some of what you’ll be able to do after adding Linux through PS3 Magic.

  • Run Office suites – like Open Office or Microsoft Office
  • Run MAME and other kinds of emulators. This means you can play all your favorite games from yesteryear on your brand new shiny Play Station 3 – like SNES, Sega.
  • Play different types of media, such as DVDs, ROMs and CDs . Running Linux, you can watch movies or listen to music on your PS3
  • Never have an Unplayable file again
  • Use the internet with Advanced web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
  • Enjoy over 2000 Software applications to make your life as easy as Desktop PC
  • Install Windows through Emulators
  • Connect to network shares. This feature allows you to save and retrieve files on another server, thus saving your memory

So here’s what you need to do RIGHT NOW. Go to the checkout page immediately and get full details on this amazing new step by step guide while it’s at its highly discounted low introductory price.

This offer won’t last long so I urge you to take full advantage while you still can! Get your PS3 to PC guide here.


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