Production of iPhone 12 can be complicated by fire in the factory of one of the suppliers


The other day, a strong fire paralyzed one of Unimicron Technology’s plants in Taiwan. Fortunately, none of the numerous workers were seriously injured, however, force majeure cannot but affect the coherence of the components supply to Apple assembly lines.
19 fire engines were urgently dispatched to extinguish a fire at the Taiwan factory of Unimicron Technology, a Taiwan-based company that produces boards for iPhones. According to the fire department, the fire could start due to air conditioning problems on the first floor and spill over to other floors.

At the moment, the plant management is busy estimating the amount of losses that the company incurred due to the fire, but it is already clear that since the plant was fulfilling a large order for the production of boards for the iPhone 12, Apple may experience some difficulties. However, so far the American company has not commented on the unpleasant incident.

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