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We are happy to introduce to you the newest online hack tool for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. You will be able to generate Crystals and Credits in about two minutes with this fantastic tool. The teams at found this working exploit after doing so many experiments and combinations. Now this hack is 100% perfect to hack Crystals and Credits. You can use this hack tool to upgrade everything in the game since Crystal is all you need to move faster in the game and unlock weapons, skins, and anything and everything you can think of.

They also have introduced the Anti-Ban feature by utilizing a Proxy setup. Their built-in security helps your user account stay undetectable by the game system.

Their hack tool works perfect and does not even require your device to be rooted or jailbroken! That’s one of many best features of their platform. You are likely to be no doubt get your game Crystals and Credits in a number of minutes after using our hack. This hack is extremely easy to use because it has a user-friendly interface, and also they have a video tutorial on how to use the hack tool, I will post it below.

How to use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack Generator tool?

Here is a video they’ve created for you to simplify things and make them much easier to understand. Our StarWars-Cheats Hack Generator tool is totally free and always will be!

  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Generator tool Status: Undetected
  • Free to Use, Although you may not abuse it, use it at your own risk
  • Safe To Use and Works Worldwide (Recommended: Use only one time a day)
  • Multi-Platform; Now choose whether your device is Android, iOS.
  • Easy to use, select the slider, move it left and right until the number of Crystals you want to get.
  • Click on the ‘Generate Points and Add to account’ button
  • Wait for a few minutes to get both resources in your account.


Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Hack

Everyone on our team was really skeptical relating to this, since it’s no easy thing to create a hack that’s undetectable for the developers. Surprisingly, they have succeeded, and they claim that we’re 100% sure that there surely is simply no danger for users of getting banned by using this hack! We obviously won’t enter or comment into too many details on how their methods work, since it would make it easy for game developers to patch this or for competitors to replicate it. What we can say is that their hack tool was designed by humans, their servers are managed by humans and as we all know humans make mistakes.


Yes, we can confirm that has worked for us on multiple different accounts that we’ve tested, but we must say that you use this kind of tool under your own risk of your account one day getting banned, this hasn’t happened though on the 2 years that they have been online.

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