WhatsApp stops working on outdated operating systems


WhatsApp stops working on old phones. From the first of January this year, messenger WhatsApp stops supporting outdated operating systems. Now users with smartphones running iOS 8 and below, as well as Android 4.0.2 and below, will not be able to install the application.

Under the restrictions will fall at least a few million people who will now have to either update to a more recent version of the operating system, or stop using the messenger on this device. The developer has left users the opportunity to save important information from correspondence.

To create a backup text copy, you only need to select the item “Other options” in the dialog menu, then click on the sub-item “More” and in the pop-up menu select the position “Export chat”.

Among the options for sending correspondence, you can choose “Google Disk” or e-mail. However, even here there are restrictions, you can send no more than 40 thousand text messages or 10 thousand messages containing media files.

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